Stott Industrial


Industrial Lighting Solutions

Stotts have been involved with lighting for over 30 years. We know the best methods to efficiently light any area. Our designer will consider a multitude of items designing an area for you, including:

Lighting Uniformity
Light spill
Most Efficient use of the Energy.
Sometimes a better designed reflector, whilst initially costing more, will enable a reduction in the energy used.
Life cost
Installing a cheaper lamp or control equipment will reduce the capital cost.
Best Equipment for the task.

However when you add on the cost of lamp replacement, your real costs will rise. Consider the cost of closing a road, or the cost to barricade an area in your centre, to change a $10 Lamp.

Do you need 100% of the light all day? Try some Day Light Harvesting. All the lights in certain areas to be automatically dimmed as the natural light level increases. You maintain the required safe Light Levels for your Staff to work, and save the cost of electricity for light you do not need to generate.

Saving a few Watts per fitting in an office environment may not sound much. However if you multiply the number of fittings you will have a much bigger number. AND every extra kilowatt you pay for lighting, is just the beginning. You then pay again for the Air Conditioning to take the heat outside. Savings can quickly accumulate.