Fluid Film WRO-EP (Grade 6)

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$30.49 GST included 500ml Jar
$5,174.35 GST included 55 US Gallons (208L)
$611.27 GST included 5 US Gallons (18.9L)
$129.47 GST included 1 US Gallon (3.8L)
$24.20 GST included 250ml Jar
$1,585.60 GST included 16 US Gallons (60L)

Product Description

Comes in a soft gel appearance with extreme pressure properties used for the general maintenance of wire rope. It also provides protection and lubrication for both wire rope and open gear applications.

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250ml Jar, 500ml Jar, 1 US Gallon (3.8L), 5 US Gallons (18.9L), 16 US Gallons (60L), 55 US Gallons (208L)

Fluid Film WRO-EP (Grade 6) – Stott Industrial – Fluid Film Lubricant