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Product Description

The jumbo KIRKPATRICK System is designed for the lubrication of wire rope sizes 7/16″ (9/10mm) to 4 1/4″ (108mm).

These systems offer the user the capability of lubricating a broader range of wire rope sizes due to a larger wire rope lubrication collar and a higher capacity pump package.

The increased capacity of the pump packages provided with each Jumbo System allow for the complete lubrication of larger wire rope sizes up to 3 7/8″ (98mm).

Each model is provided with one size seal & scraper plate kit inserted in the lubrication collar (The customer specifies the size of the seal & scraper plate kit at the time the order is placed).

Component Parts:
  • Jumbo System Lubrication Collar.
  • One size seal & scraper plate kit comprised of two polymer insert halves and four-piece scraper plate set. Customer specifies the size required. See Seal & Scraper Plate Description below.
  • One size Groove Cleaner Kit (Two Polymer Groove Cleaners w/ bands). Customer specifies the lay and diameter required). Must match diameter and lay of wire rope to be lubricated.
  • Two shackles.
  • Clear Discharge Hose.
  • 4,000 PSI rated high pressure split T lubricant supply assembly (Duolube) which allows lubricant input from both lubricant feed portals on Jumbo lubrication collar. (Comes standard length of l0′, customer may order longer length at additional charge)
  • Pump Package (50:1 ratio or 100:1 ratio (“B” Models), 15 Pound per minute maximum capacity) containing:
    • Lubricant flow control valve (7,100 PSI rating).
    • Air Regulator/Gauge assembly, Airline Lubricator, Airline Filter (The Airline Filter and Airline Lubricator are not shown in the component diagram of the system in section 2 of this manual. However, they are shown in the photos of the system immediately following the Diagram in Section 2).
    • Lubricant Supply Hose attached to Duolube (Duo Feed) “T” Assembly for Lubricant Feed into both sides of Lubrication Collar.
    • Drum cover & follower plate. (Follower Plate optional on JU400 & JU400B)
  • 1 five gallon (35 pound) pail Dynagard Blue Wire Rope Lubricant.
  • Complete Operating & Parts Manual.
  • One field application video.
Jumbo System Models Available:
  • MODEL JUI20: (Approximate Weight: 125 Pounds / 56.70 Kg.)
    • 50:1 ratio pump package designed for use with 16 gallon (120 pound) drums or five gallon (35 Pound) pails. The bung adapter can be adjusted up or down to accommodate five gallon pails. U.S. Navy Allowed Equipage List Number (AEL#): 2-92001477 / National Stock Number (NSN#: 4930-01-319-0787.
    • This model will accommodate wire rope sizes from 7/l6″ (9/10MM) to 3 7/8″ (98MM). It was chosen by U.S. Navy for use on 2″ tug tow lines and under way replenishment vessels where the use of MIL-G-184588 greases is required.
  • MODEL JU12OB: (Approximate Weight: 175 pounds / 79.45 Kg.)
    • 100:1 ratio pump package designed for use with 16 gallon (120 Pound) drums. This system is designed for larger sized wire ropes with slow travel speeds. Example: 3″ anchor lines on drilling rigs.
    • This system gives the user less volume with more pressure for better lubricant flow control and maximum penetration. Recommended for high viscosity (NLGI Grade 2 OR 3) non-pourable lubricants. Please review with our offices). National Stock Number (NSN#): 4930-01-328-1851.
  • MODEL JU400: (Approximate Weight: 155 Pounds / 70.29 Kg.)
    • Same as the JU12O System except fit for 55 gallon (40OPound/181.40 Kg.) drum.
    • Follower Plate is optional.
  • Model JU40OB: (Approximate Weight: 185 Pounds / 83.99 Kg.)
    • Same as the JU12OB System except fit for 55 gallon (400 Pound/181.40 Kg.) drum.
    • Follower Plate is optional.
Suggested Options:
  • Pump Downtube and Air Motor Repair Kit.
  • Additional sized Seal and Scraper Plate Kits for other job application wire ropes.
  • Additional Groove Cleaner Kits for other wire rope sizes and lays

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JU120, JU120B, JU400, JU400B

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